About us

Todd joined Crazy Horse Hops  at the beginning, coming alongside Ryan and Josh to plant the first 10 acres in the ground. A longtime dentist with a practice in Greenfield, Indiana, Todd is now semi-retired. The best part of owning a central Indiana hop farm for Todd is meeting new people and making new connections.

Todd Kaminski - CEO



Ryan began planting and growing hops on a small plot at his grandparents' country home in Knightstown, Indiana  in 2012. What would eventually get up to 1/4 acre fueled his desire to go bigger. By chance, Ryan connected with Josh Martin, a former schoolmate and farmer. Josh’s family had land, interest, and connections. Ryan had the know-how and experience.

Ryan Hammer - COO


Nichole joined Crazy Horse Hops in 2021. She began working in the field to sort of “learn the ropes,” then jumped right in with sales and marketing, earning her the affectionate title among brewers: *Crazy Horse Hops Girl.* Now the only full-time sales associate, Nichole spends her days chatting with brewers, meeting up for beers, and even joining the occasional brew day at a local brewery!

Nichole Whitaker - Sales