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Brewery Partners using Crazy Horse Hops for fresh-hopped beers

Wet Hops

If you would like to order wet hops please select the variety and the quantity in pounds.

Wet Hops are fresh raw unprocessed hop cones that are available once a year for wet-hopped or Harvest beers. Brewers typically use a dosing rate of 10 to 20 pounds a barrel since there is a lot of water weight to wet hops.

Wet Hops are only available during harvest, our harvest is typically from early August through mid-September. Ideally, you will want to brew with these wet hops no later than 24 hours of picking. They are extremely perishable and will need to be refrigerated during transit from farm to brewery. You can arrange a free pickup at the farm, or we may be able to deliver directly to your brewery.

Please contact us directly at to discuss delivery options.

* Important Reminder: timing of when each variety will be picked and our ability to deliver that variety to your brewery may change.